Saturday, November 20, 2010

Internet Encounters

Over the years I have created a few "social networking" sites and have met many interesting people, on and off line.

I think the very first one I had was "BlackPlanet".  Nice, a planet made for my peoples. I was a late bloomer. My friends and family all had a page long before I did, but I had no idea what I was getting into.  Blackplanet was cool in the beginning, it was an ego boost to see your page views go up based on the pictures you posted.  You're always flattered when you receive a message from someone just to tell you that you're cute or you have a nice smile.  Being a member of Blackplanet made a boring day at work a lil more exciting.  Over a 2 year stint on this site, hundrends of messages exchanged I walked away with 2 friends which makes me think what is the real purpose for these sites and if I only made 2 friends how many others walked away with lasting friendships? Soon the message exchanges began to get old, I was bored.  Yes, i'm cute...Thank You, bye! There was no substance. I needed more, more of what...I don't know. 

So, it's on to the next one, Myspace. Yeah, there's a whole lotta substance there. -_- What was the difference between Blackplanet and Myspace? Absolutely nothing, there were the same damn people just a different site. Only here you could pretty up your page and add music and all that jazz. Oh, and you could write blogs. I guess that's a step up.  This enables you to get a small glimpse of what your "friends" are thinking about besides what they tell you.  Maybe it's not a realistic glimpse but it's something more than a message nonetheless. But alas, Myspace didn't interest me. My time there was very short lived. Had some drama ( who didn't) nipped that shit in bud right quick and hit that cancellation button.  What's next??? 

Ahh, Yahoo360!! Though there weren't many people hipped to this spot, I could see myself getting comfortable there. And I did. I even blogged quite often about random shit.  I actually enjoyed coming up with things to discuss and creating trending topics. It was very cool.  Many of my "friends" there had a little following of their own, it was the place to be. For me that is. Looking back I probably would still have a page if yahoo didn't decide to close shop. I had a lot of laughs, read and wrote quite a few blogs but never made enemies.  Until....

CAFEMOM!!! That's right, I made enemies on a fucking mom site. LOL!!! I A site created for moms to exchange parenting stories/tips. A place a woman could go to vent about her lazy SO/husband, scream about piling laundry and dishes.  I never thought I would see myself liking this site. But I am mother now, I'm engaged. I have a family.  I could use relationship tips right, Nah! Not quite.  I have never encountered so many hateful, spiteful, catty, miserable, conniving, judgemental, RACIST woman.  Hindsight, I should have known.  A bunch of lonely housewives with no companionship during the day besides the computer. What did I really expect? Arguments about Public Assistance, Forward facing car seats, to Vax or not to vax, circumcision, CIO (cry it out) method for babies, Co-sleeping, Jesus Freaks trying to shove Christianity down your throat. Any and every topic can turn into a goddamn argument. It is sad and hilarious at the same time.  I loved it!! I loved ruffling these women's feathers.  Only here, I think the number of enemies far outweigh the number of friends.  Why am I so hated for speaking candidly about any given topic at hand? Perhaps because I speak the truth? The truth is always the hardest pill to swallow.  I have spent hours during any given day arguing, laughing making fun of (which is now considered Cyber bullying, go figure) with the women of this site. I even mod for a large group.  Although I do currently have a page my time on Cafemom is becoming less and less as the days go by.  The arguments are becoming redundant, how many times do I really need to break down the history of black folk to these closet white sheet wearers?  Really?? Really....

Present day the time spent on social networking sites or as my husband says (stalker havens) is between Cafemom and Facebook.  What can I say about Facebook?  FB gave me an outlet to "rekindle" childhood friendships, like Elementary childhood.  Do I converse with them? Not, hardly. But I will admit, I'll stalk folks pictures in a minute. LOL. I'm nosey like that, but I am 100% sure I am not the only one.  So I'll continue to block the status of annoying friends/cousins that type in text speak, to later unblock them to be annoyed all over again.  Or I'll continue to check the privacy settings on my page so my Cafemom stalkers don't get a hold of perhaps a pic of me with curlers in my head. I'll continue to censor my status because I have stalker parents that disapprove of a grown woman's language.  I'll continue to "like" a post to later get annoyed at other people's comments that don't have shit to do with me. I'll continue to do these things, why? What else is there?

Twitter, NOPE NOT FOR ME. But there are more to come, and I'll probably join to see what it's about..We'll see.


  1. You speak the truth though woman!! <3

  2. What a lame Fat Ass! No wonder you are so fat, you do nothing but sit on yo fat ass and stalk social sites. Then Blog about them! Sooo Sad! Ain't got nothing else better to do eh?!How about go give yo hubby a sloppy ass blow job! Or go clean that pig pin house of yours! B***h!

  3. Ahhh, Here's a cafemom stalker now. HAIDE YO KIDS.....HAIDE YO WIVES!!! Fucking lame brains, I tell ya!